Fighting For The Children

The State is responsible for the unlawful kidnap and sale of children from loving families, as a result our children are falling victim to physical abuse, rape and in some cases even their deaths! We are not standing by while our children suffer. We need more parents to stand up for the children and put an end to forced adoption, child abuse & systematic abuse

Katie-Jayne Swallow

We may not be related through blood, but we are related through trauma! We are parents fighting for our children and fighting back against the system...

Forced adoption destroyed my life and is still destroying thousands of families lives to this day! Working class families up and down the UK (& now stretching across the boarders) are having their children ripped away from them over falsified documents and “risk of future harm” using the “crystal ball” method.  Social workers across the UK are using malicious & bogus reports to gain entry into happy working class homes. As a parent with nothing to hide I did what thousands of others have also done, I said to “come in and see for yourself”.  What I didn’t know at the time was that was all they needed, as long as they could prove they spoke to you in your house, they can say you did or said what ever they like.  

Since being brutally awoken to the corruption and criminal proceedings not just within social services and the police who work with the local authority to silence families, BUT also the Civil Courts, myself and many others have been reaching out to other families and causes to unite and start fighting back against the system. 

Why are we doing this? Because Children Matter

So here we are… We are parents, aunties, uncles and Grandparents fighting for our children to have the future we always promised them, for them to walk safely in their streets and for them to be able to raise their own children happy and safely.


Victoria Agoglia

It has recently come to light in the main stream media of Operation Agusta in Greater Manchester, UK.

This investigation was sparked by the death of one of the victims, Victoria Agoglia, who lost her life at the age of 15 at the hands of a prolific grooming gang here in Manchester
Victoria would of been 32 this year, yet had her lifed ripped away from her 17 years ago! 17 years this young girl has been waiting for Greater Manchester Police and social services to give her her justice and put a stop to these monsters.

Lets not be fooled, the grooming gang are not the only perpetrators, These monsters were allowed to walk the streets and continue to abuse and gang rape these innocent, defenceless young children. Social Services and the Police, not just in this city but multiple councils around the country have been allowing grown men much older than these children to go into their “care homes”!

They allowed these rapists into the homes of these children, the homes where our children are told by professionals that they are “Safe”

These beautiful young children had been telling social workers and police about the abuse that they were suffering, they told social workers that they were being beaten, passed around groups of men, and raped on a consistent basis!

One report I read stated the girls from the ages of 12-16, were returning back to their residential units, clearly beaten black n blue, CLEARLY Raped.

Yet Greater Manchester Police brought a stop to the investigation, WHY?

It is clear to see that Greater Manchester Police, Social Services and even the courts are involved in a mass scale COVERUP!

The actions from these so called, yet obviously under educated “professionals” shows our children that kids in care have no hope! The Police across the country Have been showing OUR CHILDREN, that if you are a child, if you have been kidnapped from your family, that if you are in the care of the local authority, that they will not help you, we employ the police and the social workers to look after vulnerable children. Yet when our children turn to them for help, they call our 12 13 14 year olds prostitutes, drug addicts and liars!

Were you told as young a child, that if you found yourself separated or lost from your parents, to look for a police man or woman, as they will help you get back to them?

Were you taught as a child that the police would keep you safe from harm?

Were you taught that you could trust the police to protect you?

Now do you feel like you can still trust the police today?

These children are victims! And they are in no way at fault for what happened to them. They are isolated from their friends, family and any professionals that could help them, our children are treated as if they are disposable, like they are the under class. They are beaten into co-operation, they are faced with the daily option, do I fight back and get beaten by these monsters, as well as being passed around to be raped. OR do i do what i’m told and not get the beating aswell.

While I was looking into this case I saw something that will keep me up at night. Between 2004 and 2011, these girls were being plied with drink and drugs then, n i quote “used and Abused at will” We are not just talking about white working class. Children of all walks of life are falling victims to these gangs. In 2004, I was 9 years old. I remember being 9, just as most here will. I look back an remember playing in the streets, not a care in the world, learning, living and just being a 9 year old. So naive and relying on my mum and dad and family to teach me and help me evolve.

And I’m reading all these reports from when children have been raped, beaten, sold and killed by adopters and caregivers, and the local authority, social services and the police, are saying that girls from as young as 9 in some areas, are prostituting themselves!! getting themselves addicted to drugs! At 9 years old a child shouldn’t know what prostituting is, should not be anyway near drugs or capable of being addicted to drugs! And if they are then investigations need to take place into the homes and the children’s actual safety put as a number one priority!

Instead we have social workers covering their own abuse and criminal kidnapping activities, continuing to kidnap well cared for children for sale and abuse! Our police force have become nothing but bouncers for social services and political correctness!

Our children are being left by social services to wait for the day it’s all over! Our children still to this day in 2020 are being kidnapped by the authorities, sold to predators and raped by paedophiles. Instead of helping our children and their families, 

SOCIAL SERVICES are silencing our children by sending them back to these paedophiles, for the abuse to continue, to keep the girls inline, they are gagging families from speaking out abut the corruption within the councils services and civil courts, to stop investigations into forced adoptions and care homes.

Greater Manchester Police are complicit in the unlawful and criminal activity of social services and are guilty of mass cover up within their own borough. Convictions need to be brought, not only to the grooming gangs, but within social services, Police departments and courts. Investigations need to start within every social department and police forced and our children should finally be given their justice.

Social services have a duty of care to these children! But where is it! Maggie Oliver, a real police detective, brought to light a 150 page report which Manchester Social Services and Greater Manchester police have spent years covering up, which shows in detail the abuse that these girls suffered.

Maggie States in one of her interviews, that a 12 year old in the care system, having fell victim to the grooming gang, was rushed to hospital having a miscarriage, take that in for a moment, a 12 year old girl, who according to our law, was statutory raped, was rushed to hospital. Greater Manchester Police had a fetus, from the perpetrator, DNA to convict at least one of these monsters for the abuse. But did they?

Well we wouldn’t be here today if they did!

The monsters who did this to this girl were allowed to walk free, no conviction was brought against the men who took this CHILDS innocence!

In the North West on 31st March 2019, there were 14,050 kids in care, from new born to 16 years of age, 1,258 in Manchester, It is important to state that the number does not show surrounding areas of Manchester, like Salford. Statistics show that 1 in 20 kids in care are being groomed by gangs. yet it came to my attention that our MP’s, like Rebecca Longbaily are sat tweeting about politics but fully ignoring mass child abuse!!

Lets be clear, A rapist, is a rapist!

No rapist or paedophile should get special treatment, no matter your religion, or your profession. Too many professionals, who abuse their power to prey on our children, are being allowed to walk the streets with merely just a slap on the wrist! Social service Professionals who are by their own actions condoning the abuse these children are suffering, are being allowed to continue to go into working class homes and take children from their families. Abused and neglected kids are left to fend for themselves!

The country lost Baby P in 2007 because of the failings within social services, Bobby and Joseph Blair suffered years of horrific abuse in the care of the system, and by the system, they just about survived their abuse, because they had each other. And are still fighting to stop the abuse that they suffered happening to anyone else. We will not allow these professionals to forget the children who’s lives have been lost due to their failings.

As recent as 15th September 2019, a young girl of the age of 15 came to a demonstration that our team had set up at Swinton Town hall, this young girl is called Jodie. She came over to our group and spoke to myself and Joseph Blair. She told us how she was taken from her birth family at the age of 6 an adopted without consent when she turn 8. She went on to tell myself and Joe of the physical abuse that she had been suffering over the years of her life at the hands of her adopter. Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, Jodie told us about the rape and sexual assault that she had suffered. She told us how after the last time she ran away, her adopted dad organised himself and a few of his friends jumping her on the way home, taking her in the back of one of their cars an sexually assaulting her to teach her a lesson.

The police, social services and even the family courts will have you believe that these crimes against working class families are not still happening today, Jodie is living proof that this abuse still continues! Jodie is currently being held hostage and against her will in another city while the police drag their feet in attempt to stall any investigation from taking place!! And social services push for her to be returned to her abusers to keep her quiet. Jodie is scared for her life!

How many of our children are going to are to suffer before the state starts to stand up and take responsibility for it’s people!

How many of our children have to have their lives ripped from them before we the people, stand up and put a stop to our children being abused and murdered.



Katie-Jayne Swallow

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