Jordan Gaskell - The Caped Crusader

“We are the voice of the silent majority and will speak for all who have been suppressed by the state”


I believe everyone must be taught about what Britain has done for the world, especially the kids. We have a proud history and have brought progress to the world in terms of technology, economics, social behaver and more. We have brought a lot to this world and should be proud of it. We must encourage patriotic values not only because of the great cultural affect but the scientifically proven factors such as the increased self-motivation, productivity, selfless service to others and of course the enhanced social cohesion.

Standing up to grooming gangs

Britain now is becoming more and more prone to rape, sexual assault and grooming. We must safeguard people from this threat especially those who are only young. We can not allow these now rouge grooming gangs to continue to traumatise the populace. We must insure no one is excused from the law and we enforce one rule of law for all. We must ensure the protection of all who live in our society.

Supporting Veterans

I feel it`s important that we support our brave heroes who have served for us. They risked their lives to protect us and many died for us. We must support our veterans and insure when they come back to us, they are looked after and treated with the respect they deserve. We must also ensure the protection of future veterans, so the modern youth does not have to worry about being persecuted when they return for performing their duty’s.

Standing up to education system indoctrination

As someone who has first-hand experienced teachers pushing there believes on young minds and falsely educating them by branding certain groups incorrectly and teaching inaccurate definitions of groups, I know the dangers of the education system. Many teachers now will not be politically neutral and will often push there believes on the youth by incorrectly giving students wrong information about groups and what they stand for to make the youth hostile to them groups. This indoctrinating propaganda is not acceptable, and we must protect the minds of the youth.