We will NEVER be silenced.

Justice For All

Our story

Not all of us on the team are parents of forced adoption, we are made up of so many causes including, parents of alienation, veterans, children of the care system and abuse, ex council employees and many more. Our combined goal is to give our children the country and lives they deserve! Too many of our children are being left in care homes to be abused by other children and the staff that we the public employ to protect them. Our children are being sold to abusers and paedophiles while the state drag their families through the secret family courts to break and destroy them mentally.

Thousands of families across the UK are being targeted for their well-behaved and cared for kids for profit, while abused and neglected kids are left to fend for themselves. The state is crippling families and throwing them to the streets, they are targeting our British military and torturing our veterans by making them homeless. Whole families with children are being sent to live on the streets while others are being brainwashed by the education system. We are victims and survivors of the state, and we are fighting back to put a stop to the corruption! We are here to get our children their justice and put a stop to the cycle before our future grandchildren fall victim to the government.

Who is it for?

We are fighting back against state corruption so that OUR KIDS can live safely in their streets. We are fighting back to put an end to our children being abused, to end family court injustice, stop our veterans living on the streets and being prosecuted for serving their country, to stop innocent families and children being made homeless and to get justice for our whistle blowers and truth tellers fighting the establishment! We are doing this for our children and our future grandchildren, so if you stand up for whats moral and want your kids to have a safe and live a happy life? Then here is where you need to be. Join our family and help us fight for justice!