Against Corruption & Abuse

We started fighting to end corruption and abuse that many people are suffering, since then we have grown to fight against all injustices.

The History of ACA

ACA was founded in Feb 2020, in support of a local politician who was being persecuted for supporting a local father who’s child was in the care system, and the politician was being persecuted for standing up for the child after and being out spoken regarding the abuse the child had received. The politician in question was found guilty once he appear in front of the Cardiff select comity and was suspended as a councillor. 

So ACA was born in response to supporting the Local politician and any discrepancies within the care system.  

ACA matured to fighting to stop all forms of child abuse, both past and present, and supporting survivors of injustices.


Paul, Philip, Robert Blair, Joseph Blair and Kyle are the founders of Against Corruption & Abuse, and it is thanks to all of them that we are able to do the work that we do.

We are built up of survivors of abuse, we know the pain that comes along hand in hand with violence and trauma. This is we are fighting to give survivors their voice back, and to be a friend for those who are still suffering. We know that abuse stays with you even after the abuse has stopped, abuse is a scar that still remains long after the abusers have left. Our message to you, is that you are never alone, there are people like us out there that want to help in anyway we can. 

Child Abuse

It is important that we come together to fight for our children and their futures. It is about coming together to bring about the changes that our children need to have the utopia that we all promise them. We all promise our children a better life then we ourselves have had in the past. Children should never know the pain of abuse, and it is our duty as adults, to look out for and look after our children and the children in our communities.


We support veterans up and down the country, going to events that they have held to stop the persecution of our British veterans. We have been involved in helping the veterans organise events and stand with them in their fight. We stand proud side by side with our veterans in protecting our history, statues and our memorials. Uniting and showing support with our veterans is a must. They gave up their lives and freedom to lay the ground that we and our families walk on, they lost their lives and their families fighting for the rights that we all take for granted everyday. Now it’s time to stand with them. 


We stand proud as British patriots and are proud of our history. We accept the past and our history and learn from it. Without the bad and the good in our history we will not be able to learn from it and move forward as a society and community.  There’s is nothing wrong with being proud of the country you are born into. We are built up of proud Welsh men, proud Irish men, proud Scottish men and proud English men. 

We all carry our flags with pride.