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Exposing the state

Expose Child Abuse

Bobby and I go and protest to pressure the government into doing more to stop children being abused and for them to stop covering up the abuse and expose the perpetrators.

Why are we doing this?

Me and Bobby are hoping to get full investigations into social services, family courts and every agency that deals with children. So many children are suffering while the state and government officials cover up mass child abuse, myself and Bobby included. We are real truth tellers and we are fighting to stop the abuse of children and to over turn children’s departments so that they are focused on the children and their futures.

We have each other

Raped and abused by the very system that is so corrupt, we suffered as children and made to watch one another suffer. Children should never be made to suffer such traumatic abuse, we were away from our families but we had each other, we kept each other strong, and that is how we made it to adult hood alive. That is why we fight to stop any other children suffering like we did. We are fighting for the children’s justice! 

Exposing Social Services

Bobby and I phoned social services prior to attending their building where they point blank denied using it to conduct their work. We took a trip to the building, as we do many and made our voices heard about the child abuse being suffered. 

Our story

We were in care from the age of 9, because our mother had a nervous breakdown. Myself, Bobby and our two other siblings were put into care as a result, for a while all four of us got to stay together. We were under a section 2 care order but shortly after were moved onto a section 5 care order, the meant we were all to be out up for adoption. All four of us were put on the adoption register, which resulted in our birth mother not standing a chance in getting us all back home. 

Our maternal Grandmother had to come over to England to fight for us to get us all into her care to get us out of the system. She won and all four of us returned to our Grandmothers care back in Northern Ireland. Even though we knew we were with our Grandmother, Bobby and myself started to rebel because all we wanted was to be at home with our mother and our father, our family. We started to get into trouble doing petty child’s things, we spent about 3 years rebelling against the system as children do who want to go home. Social services took us to court because of us rebelling, that was the first time they put us into a care home for boys, which was run by the catholic church and de lasal brothers. 

This is when our whole world turned upside down. First Bobby and I were taken from our other two siblings, after being already taken from our parents our our grandmother, to be put into this horrid place with strangers we did not know. By this time we were 11, almost 12, we were so confused trying to figure out why us? Why were we put here? We were put in a catholic home with roughly 150/170 other boys there, we couldn’t possibly of imagined what lay ahead of us walking into that home. Growing up catholic we were raised to believe to always trust a priest or a christian brother, for my current view point, they used they’re position to prey on children’s vulnerability. They used the boys vulnerability and grief from loosing their families and being separated from from their mothers to groom and prey on us and young children still today. 

The first week being in the boys home we were very quiet and stuck by each other as much as possible, it was daunting and confusing, but lucky that we had each other. We spent time trying to fit into the system and the routines, one of these systems included a “behavioural points” scheme. This is where if you got 12 points at the end of each week, you could return home to your family for the weekend,  we were told the rules to this scheme was to be on your best behaviour to get a point. Due to it being a behavioural scheme it didn’t include our education or work, which meant when we did our best because we wanted to go home, we would do anything we were told to do, but at the end of the week, knowing full well we should have more than the 12 points needed, but didn’t. So when we were always being kept behind  we went to the head brother to complain and ask why we not getting our points, we would be given excuses such as “you were asked to” “and you didn’t” “you ran down the corridor and was told of” and even “Your bed wasn’t made” or “your room is unkempt”. As a child we couldn’t do anything to prove them wrong or change their mind, so we were always moved on.  We noticed that some of the boys being given cigarettes and sweets, already being groomed by the christian brothers, they were favoured more by the people who weren’t in charge of caring for us as they were submissive to them, they never knew anything different. 

When we woke up in the morning, there would already be young children in the kitchen, they would be in the kitchen making breakfast, dinner and tea. After every meal there would be children nominated to clean up and wash every that has been used. Their would be children sweeping and mopping everywhere in the building, corridors, bunkers, offices. We were very young children being tasked to do things beyond our knowledge and putting our safety at risk. 

One of the first times I was assaulted I woke up to an older boy preforming oral sex on me whist I was unconscious. At this time I was about 11 and I had no idea what was going on, I woke up to a boy about 14 years of age raping me in my sleep. I woke up through what he was doing, I remember jumping out of bed, he was on his knees and I pushed him and ran out of the room. I ran to the brothers office on the landing, as they were in charge of making sure all of the boys were “safe and “okay”, I told him what had just happened to me and what I woke up to. He told me it was just a dream and told me to go back to my room and go back to sleep. In our enquiry it came out that the brother I had turned to that night, had already been abusing the boy who assaulted me, his abuse had been going on for some time prior to assaulting me.  I told Bobby about what had happened to me during the night, first thing in the morning after being up all night scared for my safety. When we went down for breakfast that morning, after telling Bobby who it was, the boy was stood in the que, Bobby knowing everything that the boy did to me in the night, and knowing how terrified I was after the event, lashed out and hit him to keep him away from me. Me and Bobby were locked in the music room until the police came with social services, they walked straight past us, but were not once interviewed or asked any questions, not by the police or social services. We were kept in that room for over 2 and half hours, before being let out and told to behave ourselves, then kicked straight back into the system. 

Everything got worse, as one morning when I got up, I went to the bathroom on the landing that our room was on. I was using the urinal, when the brother I had previously gone to for help when the other boy assaulted me walked in. He came in and started grabbing me, I pushed him away from me the first time, then again the second time. The second time he walked away, but my fear for my safety just escalated. I told Bobby as soon as as returned to him, and both us started to increasingly fear for our lives! It was at this time that Bobby and I started running away for our safety. 

It didn’t matter how many times we ran away, the police and social services always found us and brought us back to the boy home. We woke up one morning and we were put in a room together, before being escorted and put in the back of a yellow transit van. We were took to Curcubbin boys home, in the middle of the country. 

That’s our hell increased ten fold, for the first couple of nights we were left alone, then on the third night, roughly 4 or 5 older boys came into our room. They told me and Bobby to follow them, we were took into another dorm. Bobby was took one direction and I was taken another, both of us were stripped off thrown and restraint on separate beds in the same room. One priest, father Brendan Smith, and a christian brother came into the room, and whist the young boys held us down they raped myself and Bobby in front of each other. We were just 12 years old! 

What makes our story worse, is this was only the start of our hell!


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Standing Up Against Social Services...

We unite with every cause that is fighting for the children and their futures. We will never bow down to the state while they barge into our lives, steal and abuse our children and cover up child abuse. Children in care should not be gagged from speaking out and reporting their abuse, and the state should not be sending our children back to their abusers.

truth teller

We travel around the country telling the public about the abuse that Bobby and I suffered along with the 150+ boys in our home. We fighting to raise awareness for the abuse that children in care are still suffering to this day. We are fighting back against state corruption and fighting to stop the abuse and grooming of our innocent children, and to get justice for all the victims. 

State officials need to be held to account for the roles they played in the cover up of mass child abuse. Professionals using their position to abuse their power to prey on vulnerable families and children also need to held to account and charges brought against all perpetrators.

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United we stand...

We stand will all justice fighters and truth tellers, we are fighting for a safer future for our children, and to give our children their justice! 


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