Sharon Binks

Justice For Women & Children

What is our aim?

We are fighting to get our children the proper education they deserve, where politics is not confusing our children. Where our children can feel safe to walk in their streets without the threat of being attacked, stabbed or kidnapped. We aim to shed light on children being groomed and to help them get the justice they deserve, with the perpetrators jailed and accountability held against “professionals” who played a hand in the children being silenced! We are fighting to open up the family courts.

We are fighting to stop forced adoption and long term foster care without physical EVIDENCE being brought before a court, with a jury. 

We are fighting to get justice for our homeless and get support for our veterans and stop the gagging of victims of crimes, especially where the perpetrator is a member of power/council. 

What am I fighting for?

I’m fighting to keep children with their families and to fix the education system. Young children are being ripped away from their families on a daily basis without remedy. The family courts speed through the court systems to take the children and leave parents without a chance of fighting or saving their children from the system!

Families Matter

Our children and families are being targeted by the council, and anyone who dares to speak out gets fired, gagged or jailed. Our state is destroying our country and targeting anyone considered to be patriotic or fighting for truth and justice. We are uniting together to fight for our children and to unite our country again!