We are not just a team, We are family

Don't stay silent, Reach out

sharon binks

Our children's education is under attack by political agendas...

I lost my job supporting families when I spoke out about terrorism and grooming gangs. The council used the same process to take my job as they do a children from their. The state are stealing children for profit and parents don’t stand a chance against them. We need to protect our children and protect the family unit. We are here to support anyone going through the trauma of children’s services abuse and to shine a light on the corruption and cover ups until we get change.

I have travelled across the country actively protesting with families to get their justice, I have had meetings with different campaigns and causes and I am helping as many families as I can to get their voices heard.  The state are coming after the working class and our schools are being used to push a political agenda, and to brain wash our children into falling victim of the state!

We will not be silenced, we are standing up and bringing to change to the state,our children matter and they deserve to get their justice and be protected from all harm!

joseph & bobby blair

We've been abused as children by the system, and betrayed by our government after fighting for our country...

We was children of the care system, we were brutally tortured, raped and abused in front of each other. By professionals employed to protect us and keep us safe, also by the catholic church. We won the biggest case in Europe of mass child abuse and we have been fighting on the streets to stop the child abuse that still continues to this day!

We also served with the British army  and fought in Northern Ireland, our ex forces are now being attacked by the British government, for serving our country. Our veterans are being made homeless and being prosecuted for serving their Queen and their country. We our standing up to fight to put a stop to our veterans living on the streets and our ex forces from being prosecuted for defending their country!

We are fighting to end systematic abuse against our children and our veterans!

katie-jayne swallow

We may not be related through blood, but we are related through trauma...

I’m just an everyday mum who’s world came crashing down when social services came after my children after my son was restraint in his nursery. I let social services in my home to prove that I had nothing to hide n that I cared for my children, I was under the misconception that social services were not interested in well looked after children, I was wrong. 

My family were targeted by the council to fill adoption quotas. I have spent the last couple of years researching and finding ways to fight back against the system and bring working class families a remedy fro keeping their children. We are finding that more and more new, 1st time parents are falling victim to social services, cafcass and the family courts daily. 

New parents who were in the care system as children are having their children removed from them over risk of future emotional harm, risk of future neglect and and risk future abuse. Our children are being ripped away over future predictions of risk, without any evidence to prove their accusations. Our families lives are being ripped apart and destroyed, our children are being ripped from their siblings and a family that would care for them their whole lives and a family who would never leave them.

We are fighting to keep children within their natural birth lines to keep the family connected and children with a whole family of support. We are fighting to stop our children from being abused by the system!

kenton renshaw

Fight for what you believe in...

As a veteran, I joined Children Matter to support Katie, and all those who have suffered at the hands
of our Social services, councils and Government. Some of the stories are both mind blowing, and
more often utterly abhorrent.
The number of children disappearing from society on a daily basis is alarming. The numbers
groomed and abused are frightening.
I have met many protestors over the years, their inability to fight the corruption, child alienation and
forced adoption was heart breaking. I will continue to attend the rallies and meetings spreading the
truth about what really happens to our children.
The public are seldom aware of the injustices forced upon many families, we need to keep up the
fight, and ensure more people become part of the truth movements. Everyone needs to be
conscious of the lies and the financial implications regarding the theft of children from families.
I utilise my own Facebook site, and a homeless veteran’s site to highlight the issues, marches and
protests that take place.
It is important that we keep up the awareness locally, across the country and worldwide. I will
continue to support Children Matter until we have change. That change means stopping the current
level of corruption and lies perpetrated from all those in power. We must ensure that those who are
accountable are bought to justice.
Children are the future; we need to ensure that they are bought into a society without prejudice and
The fight must continue.

Phil ACA

Fighting All Injustices Right Accross The Country...

I have been a full time activist since January 2019. I stand up against child abuse in and around the world, I stand by our veterans and fight against all injustice.

I have travelled across the country attending a total of 51 demos last year alone. I enjoy filming and spreading awareness across wales and UK.

What inspires me is the abuse that I suffered when I was in the care system, I have suffered and turned what happened to me into strength, I fight everyday to help other survivors do the same and fight to put a stop to anyone suffering like I did. 

I suffered with cancer last year and amongst my research I found a cure that worked, since then I help other cancer patients over come & cure their cancer like I did. My fight against cancer gave me the strength to fight for what I believe in, it gave me a reason to fight and not give up. So I started a blog to help others cure themselves like I did.

I am determined to bring change to the Government and the child care system so that no child suffers the abuse that I did.

I have helped with charitable organisations throughout my life, I have always looked to give back and help out where ever possible.

We are fighting to bring about change to the state and legislation. I am a patriot and I do believe in my country and the people within it. 

We stand under the Banner Against Corruption & Abuse (ACA) and we fight all in justices. 

Jimmy Graham

Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you...

I am a father of forced adoption and parental Alienation. I am training to be a councillor and I am putting my skills towards helping parents and grandparents whom have been targeted by the system, who have suffered with mental health and are needing support from people who understand in a 100% non judgemental way.

We know what it is like to feel like the world is against you, that you have hit rock bottom, but we know from experience that our fight isn’t over. I want to help you in your fight and help you keep fighting. 

Our love for our children is never ending and we will never stop fighting for our children and their lives! We are fighting for their future and to give them the live they deserve.

Jayne Flavell

We have to stay strong for our babies, we are fighting to protect our children from harm...

I went from being an everyday parent to not being able to be a parent to my daughter.

Having to deal with the court proceedings with so much corruption from the Local Authority but having them destroy my whole life in an instant..

Being a victim of Domestic Violence and treated like I wasn’t worthy of my daughter.

I’m taking a stand to show the corruption that our society live in. But how our children are just another statistic or even money. Wanting to expose the system in where it’s failing Families and how they destroy them so quickly.

My daughter is a child of Forced Adoption!!

She has two siblings and a whole family that adore her.


WE need to fight for our future generation..

My journey stated 5 years ago with social services, they came into my life due to malicious allegation, my son’s father put in a malicious report to social services due to him loosing his job and my son being on disability, he saw my son as an easy meal ticket to not going back to work.

The father won custody of my son with the help of social services, even though he groomed me from the age of 17, he was financially abusive, got me addicted to drugs along side keeping me in a domestic violent relationship. All this was happened after I had escaped and got myself back on track with my beautiful children.

After almost 5 years I won my son back. I thought as hard as I could and pushed myself never to give up for my kids. I suffered corruption of the highest level, my son’s father was protected due to his link to the state through his criminal lifestyle. When my son came home my concerns about the abuse and suffering he was facing was made clear. I was put in a position to tell my son he had to open up to a professional about his abuse as I was being targeted and blamed for him needing help. 

Jordan Gaskell

We are the voice of the silent majority and will speak for all who have been suppressed by the state

 I am a 17-year-old boy from the Wigan Bourgh who has been out campaign for a variety of causes since the very beginning of the age of 16. I was out almost every weekend at the age of 16 fighting for great causes. When I was 16, I founded my own cross-party group The Leavers Of Leigh which we set up events with over 100 people and guest speakers of high profiles. I do weekly videos on my YouTube channel named after my branded nickname The Capped Crusader which I was titled with due to my British flag I always wear proudly at events. I may be young but have been featured in newspapers across the country and even a few aboard such as the German Der Spiegel or the Austrian KURIER. I have also been on live tv before including an interview with the BBC on January 31 st , 2019. 

I joined together with Children Matter to help bring change to how our country is running today, to help bring a stop to the injustices and abuse that many children suffer, and to stop the indoctrination in schools that I myself have witnessed first hand. It is important for our younger generations to stand up and make a change to the country and future as we know it.

Shaun Buchanan

Father's and Mother's need to work together for the CHILDREN, Our children should be cherished by both parents equally

Shaun Buchanan is a Family Rights Activist who runs a community interest Group called Equal Start.

His mission and passion is to bring about Ideological change of society around non resident parent rights. Total Reform of the Family Courts and Social Services to improve the positive outcome levels of Social Justice.
In his spare time he writes for lifestyle publication UGS, published a philosophical book called Road of Life in 2006. He is also a Trustee of  Wimbledon Community Association.
His hobbies include Chess, Cricket, Football, current affairs and historical events.